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Children's book writer, reader, mother of 4, partner to one, dog lover, nester, walker, runner, truthful optimist, answer seeker, listener, negotiator, Boston girl, music maker, party starter, party ender, political, foodie, explorer, winter lover, fast talker, fighter, woman's woman

Notes from my Summer Vacation

The vacation season has arrived and I haven’t booked a thing.  Not even considered lounging on sun-kissed beaches or hiking wondrous trails.  To be honest, those were rarely the vacations that a family of six embarked upon.  Our vacations were … Continue reading

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The Happiness Equation

Math has never been my subject.  When divvying  up a restaurant tab makes you hyperventilate,  calculating any type of equation can generally cause fits of anxiety.  Mathematicians tell you that what they most love about numbers is that they make sense.  … Continue reading

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Rah Rah Rah

I hate cheerleaders.  Or at least I thought I did.  I am a feminist after all and feminists hate cheerleaders.  They are the epitome of what we fight against. The female faces of objectification.   They stand on the sidelines, all … Continue reading

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Can we Talk?

I knew that writing about Harriet Tubman for my newest book, Before she Was Harriet (which releases today) would be a difficult task and that is exactly why I waited years to do it.  Since childhood, Harriet was my hero.  Courageous, … Continue reading

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Thanks for the Memories

I live in the past.  I am a keeper of mementos, a one woman storage facility of memories.  I often tease my siblings that should I die, they would have no recollection at all of our childhood.  Like a parlor … Continue reading

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Love Thy Neighbor

When  my family were asked to appear on the cover of a recent local publication, my kids were stumped. “Why would anyone want to feature us on a cover?” they each asked. “Probably because we are a writer and illustrator couple,” … Continue reading

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The End is Near

 No, this is not the prelude to a political rant about how the current administration is sending us on a collision course with disaster.  But this is a blog about my beginnings with The End.  As in The End of … Continue reading

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